Our model

Our fields of activity

  • Fight against money laundering

  • Market rules

  • Asset management and investor protection rules

  • Prevention of internal and external fraud

  • Risk management related to corruption issues

  • Mutual criminal and administrative assistance / Preparation of communications to the authorities

  • Human resources management in compliance issues (standard internalization, management of relations between players in the compliance field)

Our services

Crisis Management

  • Internal investigations and evaluation of sensitive files

  • Crisis management (non-compliance situations, internal investigations, internal process corrections)

Compliance support

  • Replacement or temporary reinforcement, assistance on specific projects

  • Compliance function outsourcing

Regulatory support

  • Management of the regulatory impacts of Fintech projects (analysis, authorisation, etc.)

  • MLA membership applications to Self Regulatory Organisations (SROs) or FINMA

  • Implementation of requirements related to the new FinSA and FinIA (Financial Services Act and Financial Institutions Act)

  • Review of existing structures and procedures

Need-based training

  • Integration of financial intermediary’s needs and best practice

  • Cases studies

  • Role playing

  • Learning facilitated through integration of human management aspects

  • E-learning

Commercial Mediation

  • Conflict prevention and resolution through a confidential process :

    • within your company, at the level of shareholders, senior management, or management and teams;
    • with your business partners
    • with your customers and/or their agents
  • Identifying and implementing lasting solutions that satisfy the interests of all parties, in particular by integrating all aspects of the conflict (economic, legal, emotional, relational, social, etc.) and restoring the link or failing communication.


  • Use of technical knowledge for human management purposes

  • Improvement of relations between services

  • Establishing better communication within and between teams

  • Promoting compliance culture

Who are we ?

Geneviève Berclaz

Geneviève is a seasoned professional in the identification and management of regulatory risk.

She has acquired nearly 25 years of experience and knowledge with the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), the Federal Finance Administration or as an auditor or consultant. She excels as a trainer and sparring partner in the analysis of complex files or governance issues.

As a coach and mentor, she puts listening at the center of the relationship with her clients, in the search for solutions that respect their ecology. She also offers non-technical training specific to risk management professions.

Geneviève has been a director of several banks and financial intermediaries.

Géraldine Badel Poitras

Attorney at law, SAV-FSA mediator and Trust & Estate Practioner (STEP), Géraldine is an expert in project and crisis management (non-compliance situations, internal investigations, correction of internal processes).

Over the last 25 years, she has been Head of Legal & Compliance in various Swiss and Canadian banking establishments. Géraldine has solid experience of the regulatory and legal constraints governing asset structures (Anglo-Saxon trusts, foundations, etc.) and the new world of fintechs.

Géraldine has a holistic and human approach to regulatory risk management. She mediates in commercial and financial services matters.

Géraldine is a partner in a law firm specialising in business law in Geneva and Hong Kong. She is an independent bank director and fund manager.

Anne Waldburger Berthenet

A lawyer with a degree in Economics (HEC), Anne is an experienced practitioner in anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance issues.

She was head of the Compliance department of a renowned Geneva private bank, for which she worked for some fifteen years. For several years, she has specialised in outsourcing the compliance function and in setting up and/or reorganising structures and compliance processes. She is board member of an asset management company.

Anne is committed to finding pragmatic and effective solutions tailored to her clients’ needs and regulatory requirements.

Aurélie Rougemont Tolis

Certified lawyer and holder of a Master’s degree in tax law from the University of Geneva, Aurélie has been an in-house counsel in regulatory and legal matters for Swiss universal and private banks, with international activity, for the past 25 years. She was successively in charge of regulatory projects, of the Legal, Compliance and Tax Departments, and of the Wealth Planning, Pension Planning and Governance Department.

Aurélie has extensive experience in implementing regulatory changes (including tax regulations) within banks, asset managers and advisors, and in supprting the transformation of organizations and business models.

She is board member of a FINMA-regulated asset manager and responsible for legal, compliance and risk management. She has set up an online digital training company in the field of finance. She is also a member of an SRO commission for a FINMA-accredited organization. For over 15 years, she has also developed a teaching and conference activity aimed at financial players.

Aurélie favors a global approach and offers effective, tailored solutions for managing regulatory and compliance risks. The key to her support is the ability to make complex legal concepts easy to grasp, so as to enable the creation of entrepreneurial value.

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